We founded One Eyed Spirits to fight the boring brands that take themselves just a bit too seriously. We are ex ad creatives backed by world-class creative teams and industry experts with extensive background.

One Eyed Spirits brings spirits brands and pop culture together. We love exploring and challenging category boundaries and conventions. All our brands have an authentic story to make the product lovable and shareable. All have instant recognition and twist.

We started with a funny little idea, Ron means rum, and made it big with the legendary Ron Jeremy. The award-winning Ron de Jeremy now brings pleasure to people in 22 countries and there is more to come.

Next in line is another legend, Don Pancho Fernandez. We are honoured and humbled to partner with Don Pancho when he finally, after a successful 50-year career creates a rum with his name on the label. That rum is Origenes, the “Origins”. A rum worth waiting a lifetime for.

One Eyed Spirits is growing to a company with a small and highly creative portfolio of premium alcohol beverage brands. We create brand ideas, nurture them and search ways to bring them to life using different business models: proprietary brands, representation of intellectual properties and collaborations. New ideas are bubbling!

Have fun. We sure do.

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Don Pancho began his career in Cuba in the early 60’s working with his father, a wine and spirits merchant. After earning a degree in microbiology, he decided to pursue his passion for creating great rums. The Master of Masters, Don Ramon Fernandez Corrales, taught him the “Carta Blanca” method, the foundation of developing aged rums.


In the 70´s as Director of the Cuban Beverage Industry, Don Pancho helped in the renovation process of the rum industry in Cuba, introducing modern technology, renovating the cask inventories and modernizing the plants and distilleries. He also helped to improve fermentation, production and blending techniques that set the standard worldwide with iconic products that can still be seen all over the globe. His work enabled him to travel the world and interact with different beverage industries such as Whisky in Scotland and Vodka in Poland. These multicultural exchanges developed his experience and skill and made Don Pancho the quintessential Master Blender he is today, with a unique and personal touch.

In the mid 90’s Don Pancho discovered a neglected distillery in the Herrera region of Panama dating back to the early 1900’s. Beneath the overgrown grass, a copper column still was uncovered bearing a small plaque with the inscription “Cincinnati 1922”. Hard work and Don Pancho’s vision have now restored the Las Cabras distillery and transformed it into one of the great rum distilleries in the world.

Now after a successful 50-year career and countless industry awards, at an age when most are enjoying retirement, Don Pancho considers himself in his prime. He is ready to create a rum with no compromises. A rum he can truly call his own.

This rum is Origenes, the “Origins”. A rum worth waiting a lifetime for.


One man, one vision. Origenes Reserva Don Pancho is the ultimate expression of Don Pancho´s vision and a lifetime dedicated to the production of the world´s finest rums. This is the pinnacle of a great Cuban rum-making tradition.

Origenes Reserva Don Pancho is a true 30 year old rum. Don Pancho personally selected only the best barrels from his cherished, private collection of aged rums and masterfully blended them to fulfill his vision.

No additives, no colourings, no solera system. No compromises. Just a lifetime of love, dedication, passion and the world´s best aged rums in the hands of the great Master Blender.

This is an exceptional rum, smooth yet bursting with flavour. The first release of Origenes Reserva Don Pancho is extremely limited. Only 500 cases of 4 bottles have been produced. We sincerely hope you will have a chance to taste it.

Tasting notes: A very complex nose with wood, bourbon, orange peel, apricots, raisins and other dried fruits. On the palate the rum is full bodied with a dry, creamy texture. Rich flavours of fudge, figs and caramel combine harmoniously with all the fruits from the nose plus a subtle nutty quality. Extremely complex and with a long finish.


Origenes Reserva Especial is another outstanding expression of Don Pancho´s vision and skills. This true 18 year old rum shows a maturity and depth of character well beyond its years and compares favourably to many other allegedly older rums. Only the finest 18 year old barrels from Don Pancho´s private collection have been selected to make this exquisite rum. It is simply wonderful.

Tasting notes: An elegant nose with delicate aromas of sweet tea, honey, moist dates and figs. The exquisite mouth-feel fades gently exposing dried fruits and refined notes of bourbon and overripe plums. This is a very smooth rum with a rewarding finish that confirms the long years of aging in American oak barrels.