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One Eyed Spirits has a story. It tells of hardships and trouble. Obstacles. Fire. Death. Almost going bankrupt a dozen times. Mistakes. Backstabbing. Finally, there is jail.


It is the story of our 14 years as rum entrepreneurs, which all started with a little joke: if ron is the Spanish word for rum, then who is the most famous Ron in the world? Ron Jeremy, obviously. We created Ron de Jeremy Rum which became a Top 10 trending rum in the world and was sold in 30 countries.


Since June 2020, Ron Jeremy has been in jail facing serious charges and we were obliged to discontinue the brand. The joke is over.  But we refused to quit and have created a new brand; whose heart and soul reflect our journey from one hardship to another. 


The rum is called Come Hell or High Water.


For those not familiar with the expression, “come hell or high water”, it means you are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome difficulties or obstacles. You never give up.

Tom of Finland Organic Vodka celebrates the life and art of Touko Laaksonen, the world-famous artist known as Tom of Finland. It is an epitome of what One Eyed Spirits is all about: a joyful, iconic and daring brand with world-class liquid. It makes a statement without saying a word.

Come Hell or High Water Rum and Tom of Finland Organic Vodka are One Eyed Spirits brands. The other side of the One Eyed Spirits is the creative consultancy.  We create brands, tasty liquids and outstanding executions. We love collaborating with like-minded companies to explore and challenge category boundaries and conventions.

The One Eyed Spirits collaborations include Volbeat Rum for Danish rock band Volbeat, Don Pancho Origenes Rum for the legendary rum master blender Don Pancho Fernandez, Saint Christopher Rum and Ron Conquistador for our Danish friends at Juuls's Vinhandel and dozens of brews with the awesome Dutch Brewmaster Ronald de Waal and his Flying Dutchman Nomad Brewery etc.

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Have fun. We sure do.

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